Hydrodata is a portal to access hydrology and climatology data in python and designed to aid in watershed analysis. It provides access to hydrology and climatology databases with some helper functions for visualization.


Currently, the following data retrieval services are supported directly:

  • NLDI and NHDPlus V2 for vector river network, catchments, and other NHDPlus data.

  • Daymet for climatology data, both single pixel and gridded

  • SSEBop for daily actual evapotranspiration, both single pixel and gridded

  • NLCD 2016 for land cover, land use (some utilities are available for analysing and plotting the cover data)

  • NWIS for daily streamflow observations

  • HCDN 2009 for identifying sites where human activity affects the natural flow of the watercourse

  • 3DEP for Digital Elevation Model

Additionally, the following functionalities are offered:

  • Interactive map for exploring USGS stations within a bounding box,

  • Efficient vector-based flow accumulation in a stream network,

  • Computing Potential Evapotranspiration (PET) using Daymet data based on FAO-56,

  • High level APIs for easy access to all ArcGIS RESTful-based services as well as WMS- and WFS-based services,

  • Helpers for plotting land cover data based on official NLCD cover legends,

  • A roughness coefficients lookup table for each land cover type which is useful for overland flow routing.




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